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Kyla Miranda Real Estate

Using a Proactive Approach, We help professionals move up in St. Johns' NL and nearby communities

We love to help you plan your future and to work with you to realize your potential and living space can be a huge part of that. We approach things creatively and systematically to achieve your vision.
Whether you work with us as an investor, a buyer, or a seller you will find that communication with us is very clear. We will use a network of professionals (lawyers, home inspectors, contractors etc..) to coordinate everything with you from start to finish and to get you to where you want to be.

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Core Values

#1: BE PROACTIVE ALWAYS - Being highly responsive, taking initiative, and anticipating what needs to happen to respond in a quick and effective way.

#2: DETAILS MATTER - great attention should be paid to little things; small details can have a big impact.

#3: HAVE FUN - We get the best possible results with ease and fun

#4: ALWAYS BE ATTENTIVE - Listen actively and ensure people know their value and importance.

#5: CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND LEARNING - strive for continuous improvement and learning, and embrace change and challenges to grow.

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Real Estate Terms

There is a lot of jargon used in the real estate world and it can lead to some confusion during the buying or selling process. I thought...

What happens when you get an offer?

Congratulations! You have received an accepted offer on your house. What happens next? Agreement The Agreement of Purchase and Sale...

What happens during a showing?

If you are in the process of listing your house, a showing is an important part of the selling process. It’s where potential buyers and...

Deciding to Upsize?

Are you currently considering the possibility of upsizing, but are not sure if it makes sense for you at this time. Perhaps your...

Why invest in real estate? 8 reasons

Ever think about investing in Real Estate but are wondering about the benefits? Here is a summary of reasons why real estate is a great...

When to adjust your price when selling?

One of the questions that come up during the listing process is whether or not to reduce your list price, and if so, when. In this blog,...

The process of listing

Once you have had a consultation with your Realtor®, these are some items that would be next prior to getting your house listed. If you...

How to price my house correctly?

What is the best strategy when it comes to determining a listing price for my home? This is a question that comes up a lot and for good...

How to get my house ready to show?

My realtor has just scheduled a showing and I need to leave the house. Are there any mistakes I am making when presenting my house to...

Local Feature - Quidi Vidi Village

In this post, I wanted to talk about one of the coolest neighbourhoods in St. Joh’s - Quidi Vidi Village! Location The village is located...

How to get my house ready to list?

So you had your free consultation with a realtor, and are now ready to list. Here are some easy tips to get your house list ready so that...

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