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Agent Partners

I like to work with the best people to ensure you are getting the highest level of service.

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Julie Rose

If you've worked with Kyla before you've likely interacted with Julie too. Julie is Kyla's closest partner in real estate. and they cover for each other when away.

Julie has over 15+ years of experience in the local industry. There hasn't been much that she hasn't seen or dealt with! She possesses a quiet confidence and provides sound advice. She is proactive, organised, and sincerely attentive.

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Showing Partners

Kyla is fortunate to have mentored some amazing agents at her brokerage. You may see some of these lovely smiling faces with Kyla from time to time. 

Left to Right: Here is Kelsea Hudson, Tiffany George (top), Kyla (below), Andrew Sinyard, and Natasha Sutherland

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Associate Leadership Council (ALC) Partners

Kyla serves on the ALC (Associate Leadership Council) at her brokerage at Keller Williams Platinum Realty

The ALC includes some of the top producers at the office. We collaborate on business and commit to having high standards of client service. You may see some of these inspiring professionals when working with Kyla too. Left to right: Josh Stokes, Michelle Stokes, Nicole Darbaz, Kyla Miranda, Nancy Wadden

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Client Event Partners

Nancy and Kyla are creative folks and share a love of client events. You may have seen us out and about co-hosting some fun events.

Here we are hosting a client appreciation ice cream event in the park! Left to Right: Nancy Wadden, Kyla, and Nicole Barney

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Professional Contacts

Kyla also has many useful contacts for you! She's worked hard to build up a network of professionals for her clients to use. Like contractors, inspectors, stagers, lawyers etc...

If you want things coordinated and done we make it happen and if we don't have a contact we will get one for you!

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