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What happens once your house goes live on MLS?

The first steps to getting your house listed are meeting with a REALTOR® for an initial consultation and then beginning the process of listing. The house is said to be listed once it goes live on the MLS. In this post, I want to cover what happens once your house goes live on the MLS and what you can expect.

Goes Live

All the information gathered during the initial consultation and during the process of listing is compiled into the MLS posting. When this posting is published, your house is now live on the MLS and all other Realtors® are able to view the listing. Agents have alerts that show them new listings when they get uploaded and can see additional information provided by the listing agent; this could be things like surveys, utility costs, list of renovations, etc. Some agents send new listings directly to their buyers as soon as they are posted if it meets their criteria.

Goes Public

After a certain period of time, the listing goes public and becomes available to members of the public. When this happens, Realtors® can track how many views it gets from agents and public viewings who are potential buyers.

Showing requests and enquiries

Interested buyers agents will then contact your agent to set up showings. Your agent will confirm a time with you and book the appointments. Your agent will also provide any additional information to the buyer's agent if requested. It is important that you get your house ready to show and your agent can help with this as well.

Showings and Feedback

Once a showing is booked, the buyer’s agent will be able to access your house through the lockbox; all Realtors® have access to lockboxes to enable them to show houses. The buyer’s agent will typically provide feedback to your agent on request - this includes useful information such as how the house showed and what their buyers thought of it as well as opinions on the list price.


When an offer comes in, your agent will get in touch to present the offer to you. This process can get more complicated when there are multiple offers, and you will then begin the process of negotiation and finally getting an accepted offer.


If you are thinking of selling, get in touch and we can set up a no-obligation meeting to discuss the best way forward. I will guide you through the details of these steps and more based on your current needs.

Kyla Miranda Realtor ®

Keller Williams Platinum Realty


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