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What happens during a showing?

If you are in the process of listing your house, a showing is an important part of the selling process. It’s where potential buyers and Realtors® come to see your house and if it is a fit for them.

The first step for a showing is to get your house ready to show. You can find a detailed list of tips on this in my previous article. It is good to remember during this process that buyers are typically seeing multiple houses and therefore it is important to make a great impression during a showing.


Provide keys to any locked areas in your house to your Realtor® as these will need to go into the lock box. Other Realtors® are able to access these lock boxes and therefore gain access to your house in a secure manner. It is best to make copies of your keys, to make sure there are no situations where you or potentially your tenants could end up getting locked out. An example of this would be if your door has two locks, a dead bolt and a door knob lock. Make sure you have access to both locks from the outside.

Showing Time Slots

You will need to advise your Realtor® if you have any specific times that do not work for you to show the house. It is also good to let them know how much notice you need to get ready for a showing. If you have tenants, you will need to give them 24 hours notice. It is ideal if your tenants are able to vacate the premises during the showing however, this may not always be possible. It may help setting up a time schedule that works for them so that your Realtor® can schedule showings during those times.

First Week

Typically the first week after listing tends to attract a lot of attention, and so it is best to be aware and as flexible as possible during this time in order to get more buyers into your house. You can discuss your launch plan with your Realtor®.


Buyer’s agents will contact your Realtor® to book a showing, and schedule a time. They will access your house through the keys in the lockbox and bring in their clients. If the buyers are not present, the Realtor® may do a video showing live or via recorded video. A typical showing time is around 30 minutes. After the showing, the buyer’s agent will discuss the house with their clients. If all went well, you can either expect a second viewing or even an offer. If the house wasn’t a good fit for their client, the other agent will sometimes provide feedback which may be useful for further showings.


If you are thinking of selling, get in touch and we can set up a no-obligation meeting to discuss the best way forward. I will guide you through the details of these steps and more based on your current needs.

Kyla Miranda Realtor ®

Keller Williams Platinum Realty


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